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Name: Aarti Shetty  Added: 7/21/2012
Title:media and entertainment  
URL: http://www.walkwater.in/walkwater/aarti.html Hits: 513
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Description: Aarti Shetty daughter of Manmohan Shetty serves as the Creative Head of Walkwater Media’s Film Production Department.Aarti Shetty successfully completed a film direction media and entertainment course at New York University in the United States.
Keywords : media production  

Name: Hotel Vikas Magazine  Added: 4/10/2010
Title:hotel finance and investment advice  
URL: http://www.hotelvikas.com Hits: 739
Rating: (5.0) By: 1 users
Description: Hotel Vikas - vast array of thoroughly researched articles and interviews forms the base of Hotel Lodging Magazine.
Keywords : hotel & motel management  

Name: Maha Nasra Edde  Added: 11/30/2013
Title:Photography workshop Dubai  
URL: http://www.mahaphotography.com/#!/about Hits: 526
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Description: Attend photography workshop Dubai to learn photography under the supervision of professional photographer Dubai UAE.
Keywords : Professional Photographer Dubai UAE  

Name: Manmohan Shetty  Added: 7/20/2012
Title:Walkwater media  
URL: http://www.walkwater.in/walkwater/manmohan.html Hits: 504
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Description: Manmohan Shetty was born in Mangalore in Karnataka. He is an Indian entrepreneur who founded and developed Adlabs Films Ltd, one of India most major production and distribution listed at largest media and entertainment firms.
Keywords : Media and Entertainment  

Name: Pooja Shetty  Added: 7/20/2012
Title:production manager  
URL: http://www.walkwater.in/walkwater/pooja.html Hits: 545
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Description: Pooja Shetty Deora is the daughter of Manmohan Shetty, the man who established Adlabs Films Ltd. She is in Film Production Department at Walkwater Media.
Keywords : Bollywood